Announcing the first-ever #RaceChat, starting on Thursday (1/23) at 5pm PST!


We’ve seen a number of great topic-specific Twitter chats come up over the years, from #runchat to #wellnesschat to even #veganchat. Let’s face it… We love to chat on Twitter and that certainly includes us runners!

One chat subject we think is missing is one about anything and everything races. How do you prepare for races? What races do others recommend? What is one race you’ll never do again??

There are a number of questions about races that we’d all love answered.

So, we’ll be hosting a new Twitter chat called #RaceChat. The first #RaceChat will premier on Thursday, 1/23, at 5pm PST. We have lots of great ideas as to how we can make it fun, informational, and a great use of your valuable time. As with all things, we’ll see how it goes and take it from there.

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