Gametiime Asks: Why do you race? What makes racing fundamentally different than an everyday run?

Answers from Oiselle Runners

Jessica Morrow – I enjoy running on my own and definitely do most of my weekly mileage by myself. Sometimes on a long run by yourself you can start to doubt yourself and what you are doing. You come up with excuses to do less than your best. I love races, especially really big races with thousands of participants. Running with friends or running a race with a lot of people gives you visual representation that you aren’t the only crazy person out there. Longer distance races like half marathons and marathons are really fun because you know that most everyone there has been putting in same training hours as you. It sort of justifies your own training. Running is such an odd solitary sport that test your physical and mental endurance. Seeing other runners is like, “Yay! We are all doing this alone, together!”

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Leaderboard: Gametiime Groups!

We launched Gametiime Groups Beta a couple months back and, have since brought on two batches of avid running groups. We’ve seen them connect for meet ups, share tips and experiences, and (of course) have a place to discover and share races they love to do — easier than ever.

Here are our largest groups on Gametiime. Click below to join any you’d like!

1. Oiselle Runners – 331 members

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Gametiime empowers 60,000 relationships through Gametiime Groups Beta and selects its next batch of running groups

4924230573490176Since launching our first batch of running groups weeks ago, we have helped running groups across the country to connect digitally and coordinate race meet ups easier than ever before.

For those of you in these running groups, you are showing us the value of social connections and having the ability to discover races based on what your friends are doing to the tune of 60,000 relationships* between fellow group members near and far — and it doesn’t stop there. All the while, you’ve also helped your respective charitable causes, running clubs, and brand sponsors raise awareness by personifying their mission as a healthy, active, and social race participant.

* A relationship is formed when one Gametiime user follows another and opts-in to receive notifications about the races they have saved, photos they have uploaded, and comments they have posted on Gametiime.

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Races of Gametiime: Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Seattle | Race Report Collection

Large_486819_514531401936682_1555072240_nHave you ever checked out a race website, only to remained curious as to how the race really is? Do you love to read about other runner’s race experiences?

If you answered yes, you’ll love this new feature we’re trying out.

We always enjoying reading about past race reports from fellow runners. So, we’ve decided to put together a collection of race reports for one of Seattle’s most popular races and one of the hundreds you can find on Gametiime.

Today’s Race Report Collection features the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K SeattleRead what others wrote about “America’s Sweetest Race” here in the Emerald City.

Do you have a race report from this event? Add it via comments!

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Announcing the first-ever #RaceChat, starting on Thursday (1/23) at 5pm PST!


We’ve seen a number of great topic-specific Twitter chats come up over the years, from #runchat to #wellnesschat to even #veganchat. Let’s face it… We love to chat on Twitter and that certainly includes us runners!

One chat subject we think is missing is one about anything and everything races. How do you prepare for races? What races do others recommend? What is one race you’ll never do again??

There are a number of questions about races that we’d all love answered.

So, we’ll be hosting a new Twitter chat called #RaceChat. The first #RaceChat will premier on Thursday, 1/23, at 5pm PST. We have lots of great ideas as to how we can make it fun, informational, and a great use of your valuable time. As with all things, we’ll see how it goes and take it from there.

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