Top 10 Groups by Membership

Last updated: 12/10/14

Since launching Gametiime Groups Beta, we’ve seen them connect for meet ups, share tips and experiences, and (of course) have a place to discover and share races they love to do — easier than ever. Here are our largest groups on Gametiime by membership.

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#1. Oiselle Runners – 332 members (+1 this week)

Oiselle Runners

#2. Sub 30 Club – 231 members (+1 this week)

Sub 30 Club

#3. Team #runDisney – 118 members (+8 this week)

Team #runDisney

#4. #RaceChat Crew – 56 members (+1 this week)

#RaceChat Crew

#5. Team Zelle – 49 members

Team Zelle

#6. SKORA Insiders – 44 members (+1 this week)

SKORA Insiders

#7. Seattle Runners – 43 members (+1 this week)

Seattle Runners

#8. Nuun Ambassadors – 39 members (+1 this week)

Nuun Ambassadors

#9. Sweat Pink Ambassadors – 35 members

Sweat Pink Ambassadors

#10. Half Fanatics – 33 members (+33 this week)

Half Fanatics

Honorable Mention: INKnBURN Ambassadors, Gotham City Runners – 30 members

INKnBURN Ambassadors

Gotham City Runners

Looking for a great way to connect and grow your running group in the future?

Join the wait list for Gametiime Groups Beta! (It takes 5 minutes max.)

Gametiime Groups Beta is open to ambassador teams, local running clubs, charity teams, virtual communities, and other running communities! Have questions? Email us at and we’d be happy to answer them.

Want to see what other groups are already on Gametiime? Find them all here!


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