Ask a Coach – Beth Baker, Founder and Chief Running Officer at Running Evolution

Months ago we introduced an “Ask a Coach” blog post with Running Evolution‘s Beth Baker. It went well and we’ve recently circled back with Beth who has graciously answered some more questions for new runners within the Gametiime community.

Here are questions and answers about everything from running injuries to running shorts to running faster!

Feel free to comment with other running questions you have for Beth!

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179 coupon codes to help you save money on your next 5K fun run, half marathon, or mud run!

jackpotLast updated: 4/10/14

We’ve been lucky enough to get a race coupon code sent our way on multiple occasions by races that are eager to connect with the Gametiime community. That said, we know there are lots more out there which can help save lots of runners money on their next event through a race discount.

Here’s a list of 179 race coupon codes. Hopefully you can use a number of these for a race in the future!

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Ask a Coach #1 – Beth Baker, Founder and Chief Running Officer at Running Evolution

Today, we are kicking off a new blog feature here, in what we like to call “Ask a Coach”. You’ve seen us interview a couple of well-known coaches around the Seattle area in the past, including Beth Baker, Founder and Chief Running Officer at Running Evolution, and Mary Meyer, Founder and Certified Coach at Mary Meyer Life Fitness. Now, you have a chance to throw out any running-related question to one of them.

Read answers below to questions members of the Gametiime community have submitted to Beth Baker throughout the past week and feel free to comment with other running questions you have!

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The Gametiime community’s favorite running routes around Greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

Heather Koski, Guest Contributor (Austin, TX) – We asked and you told: What’s your favorite running route? From Point Defiance Park to Eastlake Sammamish Parkway to scenic Green Lake to Interurban Trail in Snohomish County, here’s a collection of some of the best runs in the Pacific Northwest according to you, the Gametiime community.

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Proper running etiquette: the unspoken rules of running

Heather Koski, Guest Contributor (Seattle, WA) – Just like you learn proper table and social manners through childhood, there are a few basic rules of the road (and trail) to keep in mind when running. It’s important to practice these rules with frequency as a common courtesy to other runners and recreational users to help maintain a comfortable ambience and environment, no matter where you’re running.

When road running

  • Run against traffic when you’re on the road or shoulder.
  • Wear reflective gear and/or a headlamp when it’s dark.
  • Run on the sidewalk when possible and use caution when passing.
  • Run on the right, pass on the left.
  • No more than two people should run side by side, so as to not block the road.
  • Yield to all traffic signs and alerts; you’re moving traffic, too.
  • Be courteous of private property and those moving slower than you.

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Ten great tips on how to start running consistently

Beat-the-Bridge-Race-012Heather Koski, Guest Contributor (Seattle, WA) – Maybe you’re a recreational runner who runs when the conditions are “right” or you’re mildly interested in running, but don’t know how to begin. Maybe you’re a seasonal runner who runs when the weather warms up or a race enthusiast who enjoys competing on the weekends.

Anybody who identifies with these descriptions or any other running types would likely agree that running more consistently is on their list of things to improve.

Consider these 10 tips to start running more consistently and ultimately improve your running regime.

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Now there is a place to find running clubs in Washington State

As many of you may have seen, we recently added a new item to our blog here called Running Clubs (see header bar above). We heard from a number of you that one place to find running clubs around the area would be a great resource, so we took it upon ourselves to gather as many running clubs in Washington State as we could find.

In our first stab, we found over 70! A multitude of them came up in our search, including running clubs in Seattle, Spokane & Eastern Washington, Tacoma, and the Eastside (i.e. Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Sammamish).

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