It’s National Running Day!!

Join us in celebrating!

1. Click the picture to the right.
2. Share it on Facebook and be eligible to win one of two FREE Gametiime t-shirts!
3. “Like” this picture if you are running today!

We’ll announce the winners on Monday (6/10).

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Win a free entry to the Vancouver USA Marathon!!

We’re giving away a free marathon entry to the Vancouver USA Marathon!
Join Bart Yasso and thousands of others at the “Hidden Gem of the NW” on June 16th.


Here’s how to win: (it’s easy!)

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Gametiime helps a runner find her first 5K race

first5KIt warms our heart to know that we helped a runner finishing up here couch-to-5K program to find her first race, the Karelian Bear Dog 5K, via our weekly race calendar.

Good luck, Carol! You’ll do great!


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I love what I do, every single day…

Just another one of my random thoughts: I am humbled, grateful, and invigorated by the thought of what I am doing today and every day. Having the opportunity to work on something like Tenacity Sports, and now Gametiime specifically, is truly a blessing and something that I appreciate dearly.

When I step back and think about it, what lies at the core of Gametiime is something that has the opportunity to do so many great things: (1) bring awareness to causes like cancer that are behind many of the events we will feature on our site in the future, (2) bring people together to share in relationship-building and life-enhancing experiences like marathons, team sports, and kids activities, (3) serve as a motivator for people to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and much more.

To my friends and family, new and old, that give their hands in helping us to build this from the ground up, whether that’s by passing along our name, spreading the word about us in the news, or simply rooting us on with some good “vibes”, thank you so much.

It has always been my dream to build something that positively impacts the world in the best way I know how. Here’s to giving my best effort…

– Jon Tam


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A quick update…

Thanks to everyone that’s liked our Facebook page or signed up for the Gametiime invite list thus far. We’re moving at a pretty quick pace. Our Facebook page is up to a speedy 70 likes, our signups are approaching 100, and (to be quite honest) we haven’t started marketing! We’ve made good progress on our design prototype and are gearing up on all other facets for our launch.

For anyone that’s not yet in the know, Don Le and I are developing a website to help people discover, compare, and share sports activities like never before. It’s really coming along well so far and we’re excited to show the world what we’re building.

Most importantly… we love what we’re doing. It’s a whole lot of fun navigating the course.

Thanks for your support!

– Jon Tam


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“Why does Gametiime have two i’s?”

One of our Facebook followers, Phong Nguyen, recently asked a great question, “Why does Gametiime have two i’s?”


Here is why:

  1. The two ‘i’s represent people participating in sports activities together. Our mission is to give people a platform for socially-engaging experiences through sports. We want to foster an engaged community of athletes who participate in events together. Whether that be forming a team or finding a training partner, we will try to make it easier for people to get others to join in and participate with them.
  2. Domain names are very hard to come by these days. Unless you pay an expensive auction price or are very clever in your domain registration search, it’s difficult to get a short and memorable domain name (particularly for .com domain names). Fortunately, we were able to register a few weeks ago and now that’s the name of our product.

Thanks for the great question, Phong!


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Introducing Gametiime…


This will be the first of many posts here at the Gametiime blog. I want to lead off with a sincere thank you for your support of Tenacity Sports. We would not be where we are today without many of you. And, thus, we owe it to you to give you insight into a pivotal change for Tenacity Sports.

For the past several months, Don and I have been working on building Tenacity Sports from the ground up. Our mission of giving people a platform for socially-engaging experiences through sports has always been (and remains to be) at the forefront of all that we do. We started doing this by way of our event management business – running leagues and tournaments to give people opportunities to develop stronger bonds with their teammates and friends, get out and be active and fit, and relive the days of the healthy competition and camaraderie they experienced as athletes in the past. And, we were continuously integrating technology into these experiences to make them better and better over time.

As our first full-time startup venture and one that is a stark contrast from the consulting and software development lives we left behind, it has been a challenging but awesomely rewarding experience. We have heard continuously great feedback like,

“Thanks so much for hosting this league. This is the highlight of my week and I look forward to it everyday.”

“You got us back on the field after 10 years of not playing together as a team. It means a lot and thanks for putting on these events.”

“I thought you guys have been around for years. I’m impressed by what you guys have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time; I’ll definitely come here before anywhere else in the future.”

We will certainly miss comments like these from many of you, our loyal players and supporters.

That said, it is time to make a change. Based on what we have discovered thus far, we see a tremendous opportunity to do more and make a bigger impact in the world. With that, Tenacity Sports, as many of you know it, will be no longer be operating as an event management company but, instead, as a pure play technology company.

From now onward, Tenacity Sports will be working to develop a new website called Gametiime. This site, from the onset, will allow you to discover nearby sports activities, see pictures and information about those activities, and share them with friends. I can’t say too much more right now, but it will be something you have never seen before, simple but useful from day one, and an innovative concept with regards to how we discover and participate in sports activities.

We hope you will take a minute to sign up for our invite list at

And, even more importantly, we hope to find reward in continuing to serve you as passionate athletes as we truly have since the very beginning of our journey.

We can’t wait to show you what is next.


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