What’s the buzz about our next virtual event, Doggy Dashers?

doggy_dashers_logo_green2_mediumpaddingWe recently announced the launch of our newest event, the Doggy Dashers Virtual Run & Walk — a nationwide event to benefit animal rescue through charity partner Northwest Boxer Rescue.

With the participant community already representing 20 states, we thought it’d be fun to interview a registrant and hear what’s got her most excited about the event. Keep reading to hear why Emily’s so stoked to be signed up for Doggy Dashers!

Why did you decide to join us?

“I signed up for Doggy Dashers because I am a volunteer with NWBR. And because I’m a big fan of boxers. I’ve been recovering from a foot injury the last year or so, and I’m hoping to use Doggy Dashers as a motivation to get back into a jogging routine.”

emily & tonksWhat does NWBR and this event mean to you?

“I’ve been a fairly active volunteer with NWBR for the last three years, and it has brought a tremendous amount to my life. My actual job isn’t always the most fulfilling for me, but I’ve been able to make NWBR a very fulfilling piece of my life to counteract that. Plus I get to be involved in the changing of lives of so many dogs, even indirectly. This event itself is a way to not only get our message out to a new audience, but it allows us to fund-raise in a unique way.”

What do you have planned for the event?

“Right now, my plan is to take my dog Tonks, plus my mom and her boxer mix (and NWBR alumni) Rudy, out to a local trail to complete our 5K. Hoping perhaps to convince some friends to join us before the registration deadline comes up too.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“Just a thank you on behalf of NWBR for all that have registered, and to Doggy Dashers for partnering with us in this venture. And a thank you to Nancy Trejo, one of our dedicated volunteers who helped organize this event.”



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