Leaderboard: Race finisher medalists!

gametiime_medal3A little less than a week ago, we launched race finisher medals —  a way to recognize your efforts and add a little race bling to your Gametiime profiles. Here’s our leaderboard of top 10 race finisher medalists currently on Gametiime. Check out their profiles, give ’em a congrats, and start verifying your race finishes to get medals too!

#1 – Cyndi Tolentino

Cyndi Tolentino

#2 – Allyson P

Allyson P

#3 – Bill Culver

Bill Culver

#4 – Jessie Wammock

Jessie Wammock

#5 – Kevin Morimoto

Kevin Morimoto

#6 – Charlie Mann


#7 – Divina Sachen


#8 – Mika Munari

Mika Munari

#9 –Sharon BrancatoPatricia Duboise, Irene RobertsonSusan Wade

Sharon BrancatoPatricia DuboiseIrene RobertsonSusan Wade

#10 – Jessica Placek

Jessica Placek

Want to claim finisher medals for your past races? Start now!


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