Introducing: Race finisher medals on Gametiime

gametiime_medal3You work hard for the races you finish. Miles of training and hours of commitment are just the beginning. We recognize that. And, we want to give you a way to capture milestones that make you the runner you’ve become — not for a single race, but for every race in your running journey.

Today, we are excited to announce race finisher medals on Gametiime! With these digital mementos, your efforts and achievements will be forever captured and displayed for all to see.

As you claim more medals from past races, you will get an official count of all the races you’ve run — from your recent PR to the very first race you’ll never forget.

And just like real-life race medals, you have to earn ’em. Here are the three steps to verify race finishes and claim your well-deserved medals on Gametiime!

1. Go to your race history on Gametiime.

2. For a race you finished*, write a comment, including: (1) the race length you ran, (2) your finishing time, and (3) the source** of your race results. Your comment should look like this:


* Any past race you have saved to your registered list on Gametiime is eligible for a finisher medal. Don’t see a race you completed? Here’s how to submit that event.

** Your finishing time source should directly link to a page from a race or its timing company, like Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon or OnlineRaceResults.

3. Wait to have your race finish verified. Once this is complete, you’re all set. You’ll see your finisher medal count increase as shown below!

Run an untimed race? Follow steps 1-3 above, but submit your detailed tracking app data instead!



We can’t wait to see your race medal count grow over time. Get started now!


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