Join the next batch of running groups for Gametiime Groups Beta!

IMG_4752Since launching our first batch of running groups for Gametiime Groups Beta, we have empowered thousands of runner connections around the world, provided a great way for runners to share race schedules, photos, and insider opinions, and given brands and causes another platform to spread their mission across the running community.

Oiselle Runners are showing the strength and unity of the Oiselle Flock with nearly 300 members. The Sub 30 Club is climbing the ladder to 200 members as they strive for and support a common goal. Nuun, SKORA, and INKnBURN are spreading the word about their awesome ambassador communities. And, we have a movement on the rise, as Team Zelle — powered by Runner’s World — ramps up for its imminent launch in October.

Join these groups on Gametiime:
Oiselle Sub-30-Club Nuun SKORA INKnBURN Team Zelle

Looking for a great way to connect and grow your running group in the future?

Join the wait list for Gametiime Groups Beta! (It takes 5 minutes max.)

Gametiime Groups Beta is open to ambassador teams, local running clubs, charity teams, virtual communities, and other running communities! Have questions? Email us at and we’d be happy to answer them.

Want to see what other groups are already on Gametiime? Find them all here!


One thought on “Join the next batch of running groups for Gametiime Groups Beta!

  1. We are going through the applications as we type. :) Lots of awesome running groups have applied, so the decision won’t be easy… We can’t wait to announce our selections soon!

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