Ask a Coach – Beth Baker, Founder and Chief Running Officer at Running Evolution

Months ago we introduced an “Ask a Coach” blog post with Running Evolution‘s Beth Baker. It went well and we’ve recently circled back with Beth who has graciously answered some more questions for new runners within the Gametiime community.

Here are questions and answers about everything from running injuries to running shorts to running faster!

Feel free to comment with other running questions you have for Beth!

running evolutionKelli Hulsebus-Paden asks… “How many runners out there with a hip replacement with strained thigh muscles? I want to run, but can’t get past the pounding or the aches that follow in subsequent days. How long was it before others could run? The doctor said, “Yes, just listen to your body.””

(“He’s a sports surgeon – hockey players, ballerinas, surfers, etc. — but I can’t run across a parking lot. Wishing…”)

Beth Baker: Hey, Kelli. I did take a poll and there is 1 — The Bionic Woman. I have had people in my class who were fuddy-duddies, so they had to get their hip replaced. It’s ALL about an amazing pair of shoes that fit you and going painfully slow, so that those quads (thigh muscles) can slowly get stronger and create a great foundation for running.  A good walk/run or interval program can work as well, to take the strain of your hips and knees. If you wear your gold bracelets and carry your gold lasso, you’ll be running in no time.

Pamela Sue Wuest asks… “What do you want for your birthday? ”

Beth Baker: I want 400 new runners! Please check out my Run It Forward Project. The idea is if everyone adopts a new runner and keeps them accountable, then we have new runners and are that much closer to world peace. So, I also want world peace — and a PR.


Kristen Marshall asks… “Are there any women’s running shorts out there that aren’t the equivalent of cootchie-cutters?”

Beth Baker: Um, yes, I wear mostly knickers cause my legs love each other and must touch every time I take a step. But, they do have roomier shorts out there too. You might want to check out those cute running skirts which have a tight short underneath and a cute shirt over. It’s flattering, girly, and won’t crowd your… “nether regions”.

Vimi Kataria asks… “I’m a stay-at-home mom with two year old at home. How can one get time to run out or even a walk? By the end of day, I’m sooo exhausted. I want to start a fitness routine but nothing works. Any tips please!”

Beth Baker: That’s a lot of work with two littles at home. Start small, with weekly goals that won’t (a) kill you and (b) are doable. Maybe try to head out in the morning, before all wake up. (Only if you have someone else to watch them! Otherwise, CPS gets called and no one wants that.)

Also, seek out others with your goals to see if you can swap kids for workouts. I know lots of moms can do it all, but if you did it all, how is community created? Ask for help! People want to help you get to your goals. Trust me. Good luck and take care.

Milyssa Daigle asks… “Say you know this runner that’s a little overweight and may have overdone the plyometrics at the track the other day. So, now her knees feel like they are bruised on the inside, but she also may need new shoes. Should I — I mean she — try R&R first, or new shoes first?”

Beth Baker: If your — I mean her — shoes are over one-year-old or have more then 300 miles on them, assuming she’s a glamazon 6-footer, then yes. New SHOES. Plyomtrics works very different muscles as well, so a little rest and ice should make her — I mean you — feel better.


Virginia Hopkins Docktor asks… “Stupid sore hammy from too much boot camp and running today. Icing and planning on foam rolling later on. Any other suggestions?”

Beth Baker: Sitting on a lacrosse or tennis ball will help get the kink worked out and completely frustrate your dog, which is always a good time. And, say it with me… “Go get a massage.” You deserve one.

Beth Morrigan asks… “Where are some cool places to run in the summer? Cool = not too toasty.”

Beth Baker: You may look into the coolness of trail running. It’s usually shady and, well, it is super cool too — but not hipster cool. (Thank goodness!) And, it’s a great community.

Kathy Biscardi “How do I attract guys, preferably ones that like to run?”

Beth Baker: Change your name to “Give it away Kathy”. Get a shirt that says ‘Kiss Me, I’m A Runner”. Fall down a lot next to signs that read, ‘This Girl Needs CPR, Not The Chest Compression Kind, The Making Out Kind’. (This takes a bit of planning.) Don’t wear a bra. Buttslap ALL the runners. Hang out in beer gardens after races and buy guys beer. (This works for me, and I’m married.)

That’s all I got. Good Luck!

Kari Selvidge Ferguson asks… “I’m slowwww — around 38 minutes for a 5K. Is it possibly to cut four minutes off my time in 2 months. What’s my first step?”

Beth Baker: Kari, that is not slow. Slow is not moving. Slow is snails. Slow is relative. You are not slow, you are a runner. Get over it. Yes, you’ll wanna start doing speed work. Speed work is done once a week. You can take your legs down to a track and do intervals. Basically, running at uncomfortable pace for the straight aways and slower on the curves for 30 min. Before you get started, get a couple warm up laps in first — at a slow pace. By doing this, your overall pace will start to get faster. You can also start tackling hills over and over again to help endurance. Go get em!–

What other questions do you have for Beth?

BethBaker_profileBeth Baker is the Founder and Chief Running Officer of Running Evolution, a Seattle-based running program in the Greater Seattle area. The program was started eight years ago and has since trained 1,500 new runners. Beth started Running Evolution out of trying to run and failing for almost a year. She says she made every mistake — from bad sports bras to having the wrong shoes and just, well, doing it wrong. But after falling in love with it, and helping her friends start running, she knew there was something to it. She is starting a new runner podcast and will be launching a “coach the coaches” program” soon as well. You can find information about her and the Running Evolution program at her website, Twitter, or on Facebook — or just running around Green Lake and enjoying a post run beer. 

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the featured coach and may or may not reflect those of Gametiime. This information should not be regarded as medical advice.

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