Kaskade announces EDM-inspired Spark Run 5K Race Series, melding the electronic music and running worlds

10172700_484722154962737_6471821482525765650_nRunning, as we all know, not only energizes the soul but fills our senses with powerful and memorable experiences. What also invokes these feelings? Great music!

It comes as no surprise then that Kaskade, world-renowned music artist and promoter of healthy lifestyles, has announced plans to combine music and running into an interactive and sensory 5K night run called The Spark Run.

Seeking to connect music to a fun new environment, The Spark Run plans to overload your senses with light and sound as you pass by several interactive zones. Participants are highly encouraged to immerse themselves in the experience by wearing elaborate costumes and donning lights and glow sticks. Of course, this wouldn’t be much of an event without a proper after-party at the finish line with live musical performances.

“A 5 km interactive journey through worlds filled with light and sound”


This all inclusive event is about celebrating a fun and healthy community and promoting a family friendly atmosphere throughout. Every event will partner with a local charity to raise awareness and support for their important causes.

10171143_484746208293665_3425689205159330378_nThe inaugural Spark Run will be held in Denver on May 9, 2014 and feature a post-race performance by Kaskade himself. After that, running and music lovers in Los Angeles will be next to have the opportunity to experience this event on June 7. Other planned locations for The Spark Run include Washington DC, Chicago, Charlotte, and Miami. With, from what we suspect, many cities to follow!

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