Gametiime featured in GeekWire, Seattle’s premier technology news publication

Following the launch of Gametiime across the country, we were pleased to get in contact with one of the writers at GeekWire — the premier technology news site in Seattle, WA.

You can find the full story in GeekWire’s Startup Spotlight. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the article telling more about what our founders envision for Gametiime:

Whgametiime_team1en food lovers want to find a 5-star restaurant, Yelp is a solid option. When travel junkies are looking for a nice hotel, TripAdvisor might be a good place to start.

 But what about avid runners who want to participate in a marathon? Jon Tam and Don Le didn’t think there was a good answer to that question, so the pair decided to ditch their corporate jobs and do something about it.

 The result is Gametiime, a Seattle startup that serves as a one-stop shop for marathon information. The idea is to make it easier for runners to pick which races they want to participate in, rather than relying on word-of-mouth, print and email marketing, or older online directories.

Photo source: Leon Cheung Photography


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