Gametiime launches its visual race directory nationwide

Today marks a big day in the evolution of Gametiime

Since launching our service down the west coast (Washington, Oregon, and California) as well as in New York and New Jersey, we’ve heard great feedback about how it’s made discovering races easy and fun.

As of this announcement, runners nationwide can now use Gametiime to find their perfect race — wherever they live or wherever they’d like to travel.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.11.32 PM

With our expansion across the U.S., Gametiime will provide its visual race discovery experience to a much broader audience of runners and triathletes. Features currently available in our initial five states are now available to anyone across the country.

Another change we’ve made with Gametiime is that we’ve opened more of our service to users that are not logged in. Now, any visitor — whether they have a Gametiime account or not — will be able to search for races anywhere in the U.S. This is all part of our goal to make Gametiime much more accessible to people in all four corners of the country.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.09.32 PM

Features, such as adding photos, saving races, seeing who else has saved a race, and following friends, will still be available only to registered users. We’ll be working on even more great features for people with Gametiime accounts as things progress forward (but we’ll save those for another announcement).

We’re super happy to be offering our service to runners and triathletes in all 50 states. While there is so much more that makes up the overall vision of Gametiime, this is a major step in helping us to make that a reality. We hope you will continue to find great use in what we’ve been building and even pass it along to friends who might be interested too.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.40.34 PM

Here’s what runners and triathletes are now saying about Gametiime:

pavement-runner“The Gametiime interface is super easy to use and it makes finding a 5k or an ultra really convenient… and fun.” – Brian Kelley@PavementRunner (San Francisco, CA)

lauraruns4kicks “This is exactly what I need! I’m constantly trying to find races but they are so scattered! Bring on the east coast races. :)” – Brittany Moore, @run_moore (Arlington, VA)

run_moore“Just signed up at your site. It’s amazing! So super convenient!” – Laura Martinez, @LauraRuns4Kicks (Oak Harbor, WA)


Thank you for all your support and please help us spread the word!

We are using the hashtag #gametiimelaunch on Twitter. Join the movement and help us make the running community an even better community to be a part of.


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