Race organization announces color-themed ultra marathon relay

A seasoned race organization has recently announced the launch of a color-themed ultra marathon relay series called The Great American 300-Mile Color Run Relay.

The Great American 300-Mile Color Run

The inaugural relay race will take place in Spokane, Washington on June 7, 2014  — traversing 300 miles across the state and finishing in downtown Seattle, Washington. Teams will consist of 10 runners and who have 72 hours to complete the course. In a brief interview with the Race Director of The Great American 300-Mile Color Run Relay, he told us, “We think this is going to be huge. Runners have been asking for this for years and we’re finally bringing it to reality. We are combining the rising popularity of the color run with the rising popularity of ultra marathons — creating the perfect race.”

When asked about plans for expansion, he stated, “We’ll kick off our first race from Spokane to Seattle this June. From there, we have plans for new races in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Chicago, and Miami. We think this will really take off nationally, in a similar mold of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon or Tough Mudder.”

Registration is slated to open in a matter of weeks and, accordingly to the Race Director, over 200 teams and 2,500 runners have already jumped on an early invite list for signups and many more are expected.

Thinking about running this race with friends? Here is more info about The Great American 300-Mile Color Run.


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