Races of Gametiime: Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Seattle | Race Report Collection

Large_486819_514531401936682_1555072240_nHave you ever checked out a race website, only to remained curious as to how the race really is? Do you love to read about other runner’s race experiences?

If you answered yes, you’ll love this new feature we’re trying out.

We always enjoying reading about past race reports from fellow runners. So, we’ve decided to put together a collection of race reports for one of Seattle’s most popular races and one of the hundreds you can find on Gametiime.

Today’s Race Report Collection features the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K SeattleRead what others wrote about “America’s Sweetest Race” here in the Emerald City.

Do you have a race report from this event? Add it via comments!

Born and Raced in Chicago | “I love it in big races when the course opens up (or goes straight up, as the case may be) and you can see thousands of people running… this race really had such a festive atmosphere. … since it was an out and back, we knew we’d have a nice looooong downhill cruise on our way back to the finish.  That was super fun with pretty views of the city.”

I will run for chocolate.My Campus Fitness | Live. Love. Exercise | “Overall, I highly recommend this run, because you really get to see the best of Seattle. There were two large hills, so I suggest a bit of training beforehand. Despite the few minor challenges, the course was well organized and instead of getting the typical t-shirt, we received a cute fitted sweatshirt. It was a great experience and worth the cost. I, myself, would do it again.”


Stacey On the Run | Training for my first marathon and loving every mile of it… | “The Hot Chocolate 15K in Seattle was one of the best organized events I have ever run.  Packet pick-up was a breeze–yes we did go when it opened on Friday morning at 10am, but hey, when you read about the crowds and waiting time at the HC packet pick-ups, you just get smart about it and go early.  So we were in and out in about 15 minutes…”

By Nicole | multifaceted reflections by a woman who only occassionally questions her sanity | “Overall, we had a great time.  First 5k or fiftieth 5k, it was awesome.  There are a handful of races of which I am a faithful participant.  Hot Chocolate Seattle is now one of mine.  My 10-year-old is begging to run this year.  If we can rope my friend’s 10-year-old in, then we are dragging them along. The more, the merrier!  And there’s plenty of chocolate to go around.”

The Broersma Five | “Now, this was my first all running race and I must say…I LOVED IT!!! I managed to run an average 10:02 minute mile with all the crowds of people through the streets of Seattle. And once you cross the finish line you are rewarded with the sweetness of a chocolate mug filled with yummy goodness inside.”

hotchoc1Leftovers 4 Lunch | “The race organization was great, the course was fine (with some good hills), and the best part was the post-race cup of chocolate and fun dippings. It was hard to eat because it was so cold but it was worth it. And the hoodies are awesome compared to the typical race t-shirt. I highly recommend the Hot Chocolate series to anyone and plan to do it next year! Maybe the 15k next time.”

boof & monk-monk | “… enjoyed the dichotomy of the BIG race vs. the small, local race I did last time. And, who doesn’t want to eat some chocolate at the finish line?”

Doggedly Running | “Despite my lack of sleep and how tough and boring this course was, I still had a lot of fun.  I don’t think it had anything to do with the actual race though.  As I ran this race, I realized that I’ve developed a community of friends and support in Seattle that I’ve never had anywhere else.”

We hope you enjoyed this Race Report Collection!

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