Announcing the 2013 Gametiime Runner Awards!

We’ve seen a lot of places hosting awards for the year, be it the Let It Be Awards from Runner’s World, the Goodreads Choice Awards, or others.

But how many of these award lists give awards to the runners and website users themselves? So we decided to put together the Gametiime Runner Awards — a list of awards for and about you… because — well, who says we can’t!?

We’re going no frills for this award list — no voting, no hoopla — just a fun, light-hearted, from-the-heart list of many of you. It’s our way of recognizing and thanking you for all you’ve done this year — whether you’ve realized or not. And, if you’re reading this but weren’t included, believe us, we appreciate you too! Our community is everything.

Perhaps, at some point, we’ll get super-sophisticated about voting and rules and blah blah blah, but in the meantime, enjoy and share with your friends if you see their names! :)


Weekend Collection #1

Best Comic Relief on TwitterJose Alberto
Best Costume Runner
 — Amanda Morales and Family

Best New Running DuoLindsay G and Amy Holliday
Best New TriathletesErik ButlerKari FergusonImei HsuTara Mitchell, and Steve Perry
Best Post-Run Brunch CoordinatorAndrea Hallberg
Best Runner Actress
Heather Koski
Best Running Bib Wall
— Shane O’Neil
Best Running Author and (Soon-to-Be)
Movie Star
Dane Rauschenberg
Weekend Collection #2
Best Running Club Officers — Robbie Brosman, Anthony Dang, Stuart Kretzschmar, Joe Mattheson,
Best Running Movie ProducerMeg Gayman

Most Dedicated Runner, Ironman Finisher, and MomJeannie Gilbert

New Runners of the YearEmily Hockett and Karen Kincy

coverOur Favorite Barefoot RunnersMike Arau, Iris Sutcliffe, and Josh Sutcliffe
Our Favorite Eastside Runners — Monica Franks, Rebecca Pattee, and Robyn Wilson
Our Favorite Experienced TriathletesGina CrosswhiteAmara Poolswadi
Our Favorite Gametiime Giveaway Winners — Lindsay GTracy HillAmy HollidayAnnie KlinkeBrent MillerTara MitchellBrian Lohr, and Wanwen Qi
Our Favorite Half FanaticsKristie Macris and Amanda Morales
Our Favorite INKnBURN Ambassadors — Jen Edwards, Linzie Starr, and Iris Sutcliffe
Our Favorite Marathon ManiacsBrad Hefta-GaubSolana “Beast Mode” KlassenTony Phillippi
Our Favorite Nuun RunnersArielle Knutson, Tasha Malcolm
Our Favorite Oiselle BirdsRobyn Broker, Dawn DolobowskyAndrea HallbergSarah Chan Hartnett, Sarah LeskoBecky Leung, Morena Newton, and Nolana Newton
Lake Stevens 70.3 111
Our Favorite Race Directors / Organization Representatives — Porter Bratten, Renatta Emerson, Sarah Kaufmann-Fink, Sarah Massey, Jen Mesar, Cathy Michalec, Roger Michel, Dave Preston, Sarah Sandquist, Teri Smith, Sara Watkins
Our Favorite GORUCKers — Gino Abad, Christina Coffman, Fergus Kanaiaupune Hyke, Giff Piampanichwat, Nathan Lam, Ryan Lau, Brian Lohr, Katie Lohr, Erwin “Hulk” Santiago
Our Favorite Running CoachesBeth Baker, Rosie Rose Coates, Scott Fishman
Our Favorite RWB RunnersRyan Anke and Jessica Placek
Our Favorite Skora Ambassadors / EvangelistsEvelin Mortensen HendersonTyler Hurst, and Ryan Light
Our Favorite Superhero RunnersTonja Davis and Tiffany Downes
Our Favorite Swimming CoachMary Meyer
Our Favorite World-Traveling RunnersWes Lashley and Fiona Van Alstyne

Our Picks for 2014 Comeback Runners of the Year — Laura Caccavo and Brandon Nobach

Runner(s) of the Year: CaliforniaLaura Caccavo, Brian Kelley, Chris Malenab, and Linzie Starr
Runner(s) of the Year: CanadaSolana “Beast Mode” Klassen and Trayce Zimmerman
Runner(s) of the Year: Hawaii — Evelin Mortensen Henderson
Runner(s) of the Year: Oregon —  Jonathan KaylorShannon MitchellDane RauschenbergLonnie St. John, and Ronnie St. John
Runner(s) of the Year: TexasHeather Koski
Runner(s) of the Year: VermontMark Hefter

Best Running Community: All of you that make up the Gametiime community!

2013 was a fun year, folks. We can’t wait to share 2014 with you as well. Thanks for your support, inspiration, and passion for running, triathlons, mud runs, and the good life. :)

Looking forward to helping you find your next favorite race in 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.20.18 PM

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