Gametiime launches a new and improved way to discover races in California

Since launching Gametiime in Washington and Oregon, we’re thrilled by what Pacific Northwest runners and triathletes have had to say about our service. It’s through this feedback that we gather inspiration and further refine the direction of our product.

Today, that direction takes us to our next milestone in the evolution of Gametiime

We just launched the Gametiime race directory in California!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.44.58 PM


With our expansion into the country’s largest running market, Gametiime now offers its unique race directory experience to runners and triathletes all along the West Coast. Features currently available in Washington and Oregon are instantly available to runners and triathletes in California, including:

  • Wipro San Francisco Marathon | GametiimeDiscovering races based on…

We couldn’t be more excited to break ground in the Golden State. With marquee events like The San Francisco MarathonBig Sur International MarathonThe Asics LA MarathonThe Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon SeriesrunDisney events, and Bay to Breakers (to name just a few), as well as new and exciting races popping up every day, there will never be a shortage of great race experiences to be discovered. After all, every race has a story.

Many runners in California are already jumping onboard to use our service and we can’t wait to welcome more. Some feedback from some of our earliest adopters:

pavement-runnerBrian Kelley@PavementRunner (San Francisco, CA) – “With so many race options in California, and specifically in the Bay Area, it’s great to have a place to search out local races. The Gametiime interface is super easy to use and it makes finding a 5k or an Ultra really convenient… and fun.

lcavs15Laura Caccavo@lcavs15 (Los Angeles, CA) – “Gametiime does something no other site does: it gathers your favorite races in an easy-to-find/save/share format. I especially love that both road and trail races are featured. You no longer have to scour 5 different sites, all containing different information, while researching races! And A+ for a company with a soul; there is a real/live person on the other end of your feedback e-mail!”

Linzie Starr, @SeeSharpRunseesharprun2 (Los Angeles, CA) – “California is a beautiful state with so much to offer! Beaches, deserts, forests, and mountains are all within reach! Gametiime coming to California gives runners a one-stop shop for their race research! We can find races that fit our mood and environment with just a few clicks!”

Know of any runners or triathletes in California? Take a moment to share the good news so they, too, can experience the joy of discovering races on Gametiime.

They’ll certainly thank you for it. We already do!

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