Introducing: Share your saved races with Facebook friends

We’re happy to announce a new feature that makes Gametiime even more social — Facebook social, actually.

Awhile back we introduced an update allowing users to add races to their wish list or register list. With well over 1,000 saved races now on our site, it’s clear to see that having a great place to discover and bookmark races is something many runners love to have.

We’ve even taken that a step further by publishing a list of most popular races on Gametiime.

Now, when you save a race on Gametiime, you can choose to also share that action with your friends on Facebook.

By doing so, you can:

  • let others know you’ll be running a race,
  • get friends to jump on the wagon for that can’t-miss event, and
  • inspire others to get off the couch and help them pursue their running goals.Save-race-to-a-listThis is what you’ll see when you’ve logged into Gametiime via Facebook and try to save a race to your lists.

Changing your Facebook sharing settings is easy.

Of course, this feature is an option and we’ve built in settings allowing you to control what is and isn’t share. For starters, if you haven’t connected your Facebook account to Gametiime, you will never be asked to ‘Share to Facebook’. However, if you have connected your Facebook account, you can decide if you’d like to (1) pick whether or not you would like to share your action each individual time you save a race (see image above) or (2) make a quick change to your Account Settings to set the ‘Publish to Facebook when I save a race’ default to yes or no (see images below).

This is what you’ll see when making changes to your default Facebook sharing settings.

Saved races that are shared to Facebook will look like this:

on your friends’ timeline…

on your wall…

By default, sharing on Facebook is set to ‘Friends’, but you can modify who can see your post at any time by adjusting your sharing settings on the Facebook post itself.

Now that you know how to share your saved races to Facebook via Gametiime, we hope we can help grease the wheels on your getting together with friends for a race or finding others to run with you.

Still have questions? No sweat, just email us at

Pro-tip for those that want to get super-social: Save a race on Gametiime and include a #Gametiime hashtag in your saved note. Once you publish it to Facebook, set the post to ‘Public’. We check Facebook for the #Gametiime hashtag pretty frequently, so don’t be surprised to get a comment from us!

Share away, Gametiime community! :)

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