Gametiime & Swimovate USA proudly present… the “Make Your Laps Count” contest!

Win a FREE PoolMate Watch or use Gametiime‘s 10% off promo code! (details below)

We recently connected with a company brand-new to the US market, Swimovate USA. As we got to know one another better, we both quickly discovered that our community and Swimovate USA’s product line are a fantastic fit and, because of that, we’re excited to share some great news with all of you!

Gametiime and Swimovate USA have teamed up to bring you a chance to win a revolutionary automatic lap counting PoolMate Watch to help you train for races and triathlons that you find on Gametiime!

While it currently retails for $95 through the Swimovate USA website, one lucky Gametiime community member will be getting a PoolMate Watch free! See how you can win and read a great review of the product below.


Kevin Qian, Guest Contributor (Detroit, MI) –

Introducing the PoolMate Watch
Our automatic lap timing watches just hit the shores of the U.S. recently, and the first adopters in the U.S. were the tight-knit and hard-training triathlon community. With this in mind, we shipped a couple to the good folks at Gametiime to see what one of their athletes thought about the original lap timing swim watch!

PoolMates were originally designed by a married couple in the UK who set out to solve one simple problem: there was no lap training tool on the market for swimmers! They were triathletes themselves, and based upon the opinions and needs of the triathletes around them, they created the first accelerometer-based lap counting solution with the PoolMate watch. To date, the PoolMate is the only watch made by swimmers, for swimmers, so needless to say, we were stoked when Gametiime chose Ironman triathlete and ultra runnner, Jeannie Gilbert, to review one of our watches.

Here are her thoughts:

Look and Feel
One aspect of the watch that people love is that it doesn’t look like a training tool. It is small, sleek, and isn’t a chunk of bulky metal hanging off your wrist in the water. Jeannie agreed, saying that it was:

“small and fits snuggly to my wrist. It was barely noticeable – not any more so than my standard Timex watch, when swimming.”

We sent Jeannie an aqua blue version of the watch, but it also comes in black, gray, and pink, so you can get one to match your personal style, even out of the water.


Jeannie said that the watch functions just as promised – the basic PoolMate model features lap, stroke, distance, calorie, and stroke efficiency counting, and automatically detects what kind of stroke you’re using (given that you don’t change strokes mid swim). Jeannie described the watch as:

“simple, without overwhelmingly detailed operation, and only 4 buttons.”

She did mention that operation with just four buttons took a little getting used to, and required some reference to the instruction booklet at first to get acquainted with functions. The small buttons can be hard to push if you happen to be training with paddles, but should be fine otherwise for typical swimming.


Jeannie was impressed by the watches straightforward functionality and look of the watch, and said it’s absolutely worth the $95 retail price. She said she will use the watch in the future for its simple lap, stroke, and timing functionality, and is very useful for keeping swim data to log later on. We sent her the basic PoolMate model, which does not have PC link functionality, but we also carry the Pro and Heart Rate models, which can load data onto a computer for easy graphical analysis with included software. She also noted that the price of a PoolMate is far less (about 75% cheaper) than a Garmin watch, even compared to the PC-enabled versions. In the end, we got the thumbs up from Jeannie, which is awesome when coming from a seasoned triathlete veteran.

Since invention, our PoolMate watches have been copied by many, but we’re still the only swim watch company that is privately-owned by swimmers and triathletes.

To celebrate our partnership with Gametiime, we are launching the “Make Your Laps Count” contest, shown below. To enter, simply send out a tweet hash-tagging #CountMyLaps that completes the sentence:

“I want a PoolMate watch because ______________.”

Gametiime and SwimovateUSA will choose our favorite answer on November 30th, and will announce the winner of a free PoolMate watch via our blogs and Twitter accounts.

Follow @SwimovateUSA and @Gametiime to stay updated on the contest!

Bonus: If you don’t end up victorious in our “Make Your Laps Count” contest, don’t worry. As a Gametiime supporter, using promotion code ‘Gametiime10’ gives you 10% off your purchase before the end of the year, so everyone is a winner!

What better holiday gift for your favorite swimmer? :)

brian_lohrKevin Qian | Guest Contributor | Kevin is the marketing director at Swimovate USA. After graduating from Duke University with a focus in consumer psychology, Kevin has held leadership positions in several industries including finance and commercial videography.  He is a geek for extreme sports — whether its swimming, skateboarding, or snowboarding — and you can find him enjoying the outdoors during any of the crazy seasons in Michigan. Kevin runs the Swimovate USA website and social media accounts, and you can talk to him anytime you tweet @SwimovateUSA.

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