Introducing: Most Popular Races on Gametiime

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.43.23 PMA few weeks ago we announced a new feature on Gametiime, allowing you to see what other runners have saved a specific race. After all, how cool is it to find an intriguing race and then be pleasantly surprised that your friend is interested in running it too?

Now, we’ve taken a little different spin on saving races. Today, we are introducing Most Popular Races on Gametiime — a list of events in the Gametiime race directory that’ve risen to the top!

  • How are races ranked? By you! Our top 25 list consists of those races that have been saved the most times by the Gametiime community. (Here’s a refresher on how to save a race to your Wish List or Registered List.)
  • Want to see your race on the list or (even better) at the top of it? It’s simple. Rally the running and/or triathlon community to save your race and let it be known that your race is a can’t-miss event!

Here’s where the Most Popular Races on Gametiime currently stand. You can access the list anytime, so check back often to see what races cracked the list and which have reigned supreme!

Congratulations to all of our top races as of today! We look forward to see how it continuously pans out in the future!

Most Popular Races
(1) Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon & Half Marathon, (2) Mustache Dache, (3) Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Seattle, (4) Jingle Bell Run/Walk Seattle, (5) Snohomish River Run, (6) Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & Half Marathon, (7) Goblin Gallop 5K, (8) Dawg Dash 5K/10K Run/Walk, (9) Seahawks 12K Run at The Landing, (10) Seattle Marathon 5K Race: Santas vs Superheroes, (11) Mock the Clock 5K Run/Walk – Seattle, (12) Whidbey Island Marathon, (13) Seven Hills Running Shop Presents Grand Ridge 5M, Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50K Trail Run, (14) Green Lake Gobble & Mash Potato Munch Off, (15) Holiday Half Marathon, (16) 12K’s of Christmas Holiday Run, (17) Lake Sammamish Half Marathon, (18) St. Paddy’s Day Run, (19) In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon, (20) Jingle Bell Run, (21) Ft. Steilacoom 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50K Trail Run, (22) Highlands 5K – Issaquah Highlands Green Halloween 5K Run/Walk, (23) Tacoma City Marathon, (24) Cosmic Run, (25) Woodland Park Zoo Pumpkin Dash 5K Fun Run

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