The running lives of three INKnBURN ambassadors and an exclusive discount for the Gametiime community!

Anne Aixe, Guest Contributor (Seattle, WA) – If you happen to spot some colorfully-clad runners on race day — decked out in apparel that mixes bold and bright colors with street art and elements found in the natural world — you’ve probably just crossed paths with an INKnBURN ambassador. Like most brand representatives, INKnBURN ambassadors share a passion for fitness, running, and standing out on the start line.

But don’t take our word for it. We spoke to three INKnBURN ambassadors (and, not to mention, Gametiime users) who were happy to tell the story behind their running, racing, and head-turning apparel.

Iris Sutcliffe, Port Angeles, WA

Iris Sutcliffe is a writer and runner from the Pacific Northwest, but she lists the Umstead Trail Marathon in Raleigh, NC as her favorite racing experience. “It’s a challenging course with a small field of very cool, supportive runners,” she explains. “There are loads of hills throughout and a challenging bunch of single track in the first third just to make you wonder if the whole thing was a good idea.”

For Sutcliffe, who ran the race in her INKnBURN gear, the event was a highly emotional experience. “I swore beforehand I wouldn’t get all “I just finished my first marathon” mushy at the end, but of course I totally cried like a baby.”

You’ll find Sutcliffe racing at least once a month, and in every kind of event, from trail marathons to 24-hour races. But the best place to spot her is at events with reasonable distances and great offerings at the finish line.  “My favorite distance is the half,” she says. “I really just like going to races and meeting up with other runners. That said, smaller races always win over the big monster events. They usually have better beer and food at the end.”

Linzie Starr, Los Angeles, CA

One of INKnBURN’s most inspirational ambassadors was also once one of the least likely to do much of anything athletic. He especially hated running. Yet, he chose to embrace a more active lifestyle because diabetes runs in his family. He began with a short jog around the neighborhood…and then another…and another. It wasn’t long before Starr was training for his first half marathon. By the end of 2012, Starr had run 9 half marathons.

This past year, Starr has run over 15 races. “That number is a combination of marathon and half-marathon distances he says. “My favorite race was this year’s San Francisco Marathon. As a native Californian, there is nothing more inspiring than the coast. Running across the Golden Gate Bridge was incredible! Feeling the fresh ocean spray in your face and looking great doing it just made for an amazing run!”

“My favorite type of racing is on the road,” Starr continues.  “But I love to get out on the trails for training and ‘me’ time.”

You can read more about Starr’s fitness feats here.

Jennifer Edwards, Olympia, WA

“I ran roads for about 20 years before falling in love with trails in the Pacific Northwest,” says Jennifer Edwards. “I mostly train in the Capitol Forest in Olympia, but my favorite place to run is on the trails around Mt. Rainier. “

When she’s not busy training (or updating her blog), Jennifer Edwards is out tearing it up on some of the toughest trail races out there. Most recently, she overcame an injury to brave the 11,000 foot climbs in the Standhope 60K in Idaho on September 21. She rocked the race with a final time of 8:43, which landed her the women’s first place victory.  “That race was rugged, tough, and fun,” says Edwards. “A lot like my personality.”

As for her future plans, Edwards says that her goals are to complete four to six “shorter” races per year, ranging from 50Ks to 50-milers, as well as two 100-mile races.

Each of these ambassadors is as happy to talk about racing as they are about their INKnBURN gear.

For Jennifer Edwards, the designs on the apparel give her the collected cool she needs to perform at her best.

“Heads turn because of the awesome designs,” says Edwards. “A little attention makes you stand that little bit taller and have the confidence that it takes to race well.”

Photo 1, 3, & 4 source: INKnBURN
Photo 2 source: See Sharp Run

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Anne Aixe | Guest Contributor | Anne spent 5 post-college years working as a teacher and editor in Verona, Italy before returning to the United States to pursue an M.A. in English Literature. On the long flight home from Europe, Anne read a little book known as Born to Run and was inspired to hit the ground running—literally—when the plane landed. Anne, who hadn’t exerted herself since a brief stint on the high school gymnastics team, is proof that anyone can be a runner. When she’s not writing web content for the outdoor industry, you’ll find her running the trails outside Seattle.

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