Introducing: Gametiime profiles and public lists

Gametiime is getting more social.

While we’ve heard awesome feedback about Gametiime’s simplicity, usefulness, and visual appeal, the vision of Gametiime extends far beyond a simple race directory. Today, we have two exciting announcements related to that.

Gametiime Profiles

It has always been part of our vision to connect the running and triathlon community in new and innovative ways. With this in mind, we’ve started our rollout of Gametiime user profiles.

New users will be prompted to create a user profile and, as an existing user, you can update your profile at any time simply by clicking your name in the upper-right-hand corner and selecting ‘Your Profile’.

From here, you see how your profile appears and do any of the following:

  • add or update your profile picture,
  • modify how your name appears,
  • add a brief description about yourself,
  • and tell others where you live.

Public Lists (via Profiles)

Another key element of Gametiime profiles is the collection of races you add to your lists.

Previously, we announced that you can save races to your Wish List and Registered List. We’ve seen how helpful this has been to you and we’ve now made your lists viewable by others as they visit your profile, allowing you to:

  • share saved races with other runners and triathletes in the Gametiime community,
  • easily keep track of your running schedule and coordinate with friends,
  • and build your Gametiime identity.

(Are you a Boston qualifier, triathlete, color runner, or obstacle course junkie?)

Public Lists (via Race Details Pages)

You can also see who has saved a specific race from a race details page. We’ve created a collection of the Gametiime users who saved a specific race on each details page. Simply go to a details page, like this one, and (if people have saved this race) you’ll see links allowing you to see who else has added it to his or her Wish List and Registered List.

See a friend in that list? Click on her name, view her profile, and see all of the races she’s saved to her lists as well.

List Privacy

Want to make your Wish List and/or Registered List private? That’s easy. Just go to your own profile, click the Wish List or Registered List link(s), and selected ‘Settings’.

You can update your settings so your lists can be seen by ‘Everyone’ or ‘Only Me’ at any time.

What makes us special is you — the Gametiime community. We look forward to seeing your updated profiles and lists in the future!

So, check out what’s new at Gametiime, add a few races to your lists, and share them with your friends. One of our co-founders, Jon Tam, has started us off by sharing his below.

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