The Gametiime community’s favorite running routes around Greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

Heather Koski, Guest Contributor (Austin, TX) – We asked and you told: What’s your favorite running route? From Point Defiance Park to Eastlake Sammamish Parkway to scenic Green Lake to Interurban Trail in Snohomish County, here’s a collection of some of the best runs in the Pacific Northwest according to you, the Gametiime community.

Facebook - Lonnie St JohnSouth of Seattle

  • DuPont Trails (DuPont, WA)
  • Halsey Street Bridge along the Sandy River (Troutdale, OR)
  • Lake Youngs (Renton, WA)
  • Point Defiance Park (Tacoma, WA)
  • Renton Highlands to Newcastle (Renton to Newcastle, WA)
  • Solo Point (Tacoma, WA)

Comments from the Gametiime community: 

Christina Coffman: I love running the trails in Dupont. Pics are from my fave, always a beautiful view! (see top right)

Lonnie St John: I took this 1/20/13, you can see the frost on the wood [on Halsey Street Bridge]. This was also part of the Gateway to the Gorge Half Marathon route. (see right)

Tessa Kaplan: “Lake Youngs in Renton! A challenging, hilly 9 mile loop trail around a reservoir that you never actually get to see (except a small glimpse at one point). Beautiful, peaceful, good hills trainiing, and worth the drive from Seattle.”

Kari Selvidge Ferguson: “For long runs I love the five mile drive at Pt. Defiance. On the weekends it’s closed to cars until noon. Perfection!”

Chad Buechler: “Renton Highlands to Newcastle. Weekend mornings with shade, hills dedicated running paths, and Sbux at both ends. 5 miles one way, 10 roundtrip.”

Jessica Placek Durfee: “It’s a tough one, but I love running to Solo Point and back with my fellow wear blue runners on Saturday’s longer training runs.”

The Eastside & Eastern Washington

  • Local streets around Cougar and Squak Mountain (Issaquah, WA)
  • East Lake Sammamish Parkway (Sammamish, WA)
  • Fish Lake Trail (Cheney, WA)
  • Sammamish River Trail
    (Sammamish, WA)
  • Spokane River Centennial Trail
    (Spokane, WA)

Comments from the
Gametiime community:

Tara Mitchell: “I enjoy the trail on East Lake Sammamish parkway from Issaquah to Redmond! Long and flat, plus the view of the lake is awesome!”

Amy Holliday: Long runs are almost exclusively on the Sammamish River [Trail] and Burke Gilman trails, preferably ending at Redhook for a pint. I love running around Gilman, Maple, and Newport [local streets around Cougar and Squak Mountain] in Issaquah! All of my maintenance runs are routes along those roads.”

Brandon Nobach: “Fish Lake Trail in Cheney is good and Riverside State Park has some great trails in Spokane.” (see right: Fish Lake Trail)

North of Seattle

  • Forest Park to Mukilteo Lighthouse (Everett to Mukilteo, WA)
  • Interurban Trail (Everett to Lynnwood, WA)

Comments from the Gametiime community:

@joefuu: “I love going from Forest park to Mukilteo Lighthouse. Hilly, challenging and beautiful.”

In and Around Seattle

  • Burke-Gilman Trail (Seattle, WA)
  • Green Lake (Seattle, WA)
  • Lake Union (Seattle, WA)
  • Myrtle Edwards Park (Seattle, WA)
  • Local roads around Suquamish (Suquamish, WA)
  • Washington Park Arboretum (Seattle, WA)

Comments from the Gametiime community: 

Steven Fujita: “Lake Union cause I work steps away and you can run the stairs from Eastlake up to 10th.”

Tracy French: “Green lake, flat fast 5k!”

Michael Arau: “[The local roads around Suquamish are] a great all purpose run. Start or end anywhere along the route. Lots of places to park and there are an assortment of places for post run social gatherings, coffee, etc. Just by grabbing or eliminating roads along the way the course can can lengthened or shortened to suite the need. Lots of hills to keep it interesting and challenging.”

We are fortunate to have a plethora of lush parks, clean lakes, and extensive trails in the Pacific Northwest to exercise (pun intended!) our running preferences. Undoubtedly, there are many more running routes that could be included in this collection. Share your favorites with the Gametiime community. Happy running!

Gametiime note: If you didn’t notice, Heather is now writing for Austin, Texas! It’s with a bittersweet congratulations that we say goodbye to Heather as a Seattle resident. She has been a big part of the Gametiime community since the very beginning, even serving as the lead actress in Gametiime’s first marketing video. We’ll definitely miss her, but we’re thrilled to say that she’ll be continuing to write for us as a guest contributor. Thank you, Heather, for all you’ve done for the Gametiime community!

P.S. And, as you’d guess from an avid runner like Heather, she’s already found her favorite running route in Austin — along Lady Bird Lake. (see right)

Photo source 1: Christina Coffman
Photo source 2: Lonnie St. John
Photo source 3: Brandon Nobach

heather_koski_300x300Heather Koski | Guest Contributor | Originally from Colorado and now living in Austin, Heather was previously a member of the Richmond Beach Running Club and Born to Run Running Club here in Seattle. She has run over 100 races, ranging in distance from 5K to half marathon. Read more about Heather’s running accomplishments and aspirations in ourFaces of Gametiime” post.

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