Introducing: Course maps

They’re here! After many requests, we’re happy to announce that course maps have been added to our event details pages on Gametiime. As race participants, we know just how important it is to understand the route of a race before making the decision to register and train for it…

So, we’ve gathered the data and we’re excited to say that you can now peruse course maps for many of the races found on Gametiime today.

To find the course map for an interesting race, simply find the race on Gametiime, click to check out its details page, and scroll down the right side of it. If a course map(s) is available for that race, it’ll be noted in the Event Info section of the page you’re on.

We think offering this feature will be very useful to you and the other members of the Gametiime community.

No more having to go from site to site (or even page to page on a single event website) in search for a race that fits what you’re looking for.

Course maps will come in the form of Google Maps, MapMyRun, course map pages on event websites, PDFs, and other external links. Some even include course elevation as well.

For now, data available will be based on what each race currently provides on its respective event website.

Bonus: In addition to links to course maps, we’ve also gathered social media links to Facebook and Twitter for as many races as possible. This will allow you to quickly navigate to social media content associated with races you want to follow more closely.

Enjoy the new feature and let us know what you think! We’re always open to feedback.

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