Pictures from GORUCK Light in Seattle!

We got a chance to check out our first GORUCK event this weekend and we were blown away. While we see a ton of races with what we’re building at Gametiime, we’ve never seen one quite like GORUCK. The event spanned 8 hours and 12 miles — from Seattle Center to Queen Anne to Lake Union to Fremont. Congratulations to all the finishers!

Via their website:

The foundation of all GORUCK events is the wartime experiences of our Cadre. They have all served in Special Operations and they all decorated Combat Veterans. Now their task is to teach others lessons learned on teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Below are some of the highlight pictures from this past Saturday. You can find the full set of pictures here: album 1, album 2, and album 3!




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3 thoughts on “Pictures from GORUCK Light in Seattle!

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