Sports-themed 5K color run, 5K Tailgate, makes it rain $6,000 in dollar bills at Mariners game

Were you at the Seattle Mariners game this past Sunday at Safeco Field? If so, you might have been one of the lucky fans to cash in our a $6,000 promotion by a new race coming to town called the 5K Tailgate.

During the 7th inning stretch, fans and announcers began noticing money falling from the sky. It turned out the money was real and fans scrabbled to pick up the cash.

On the dollar bills? A 10% discount code “MARINERS” off the $60 registration fee for the 5K Tailgate on September 14th and a link to the 5K Tailgate website.

While we don’t know much about this race (as it appears to be debuting this year), we do know this was one of the most creative promotional efforts we’ve ever seen for a race. The Seattle PI covered the publicity stunt in a recent new article and you can also check out what happened via the video below.

Here’s a description of the race via their race page:

The event will commence promptly at 10:30AM, in 5 min waves you’ll be let off joining a whole gang of pumped up football fanatics in 3.1 miles of running, walking or piggy back rides whatever you fancy, ending the race plastered in powder of your favorite teams colors! Then joining the biggest tailgate of all time, enjoying BBQ food from the best vendors, and ice cold beers! Groovin to our DJs jams and pumping up for Sundays big game against the 49ers!!!

Photo source: 5K Tailgate Facebook Page | Video source:

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