A dozen fun ideas for mixing up your summer running schedule

myrtle_edwardsHeather Koski, Guest Contributor (Seattle, WA) – The dog days of summer in the Puget Sound are arguably the most pleasant time of year to be in the Pacific Northwest. There’s no shortage of festivals, concerts and summer races to engage in this time of year.

Because there are so many activities and options for summer fun, now is the time to mix up your workouts and runs to create consistency through the warm weather season.

Ponder these ideas the next time you head out for a summer run!

1. On a neighborhood run, alternate sprinting and jogging between mailboxes for a simplified Fartlek workout.

2. Run through a local park while the sprinklers are on to cool off! Repeat.

3. Pause at a local park to hop on the swing set or merry-go-round for a quick thrill. Reminisce and relive childhood memories.

4. Play “I Spy” while running with friends to engage brain and limb muscles simultaneously.

5. Create a running dance to your favorite summer song; dance it out with frequency. (Here’s an “interesting” rendition from the ol’ YouTube Hall of Fame.)


6. End a particularly hot summer run at a pool or lake. Jump in with reckless abandon!

7. Run with a new group in a new neighborhood at an unusual time. Make friends with other runners! (Gametiime has a great list of running clubs throughout Washington!)

8. Give your feet a break from shoes with a barefoot run at a local park. Enjoy the feeling of cool grass on bare skin. (Never barefoot run before? The race organizers of the Magnuson Series host a fun, annual Barefoot Mile race so you can give it a try.)

9. Register for a race you wouldn’t normally do: color run, trail run, mud run? (You know where to find them — Gametiime!)


10. Go for a night run to beat the heat and traffic. Don’t forget to wear reflective clothing and/or a headlamp.

11. End your group run at a favorite local bar for a casual (and sweaty) happy hour. Cheers!

12. Don’t run. Walk, skip, jump, and enjoy summer while it lasts!


Other great ideas to shake up your running routine?

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heather_koski_300x300Heather Koski | Guest Contributor | Originally from Colorado and now living in Seattle, Heather is a member of the Richmond Beach Running Club and Born to Run Running Club. She has run over 100 races, ranging in distance from 5K to half marathon. Heather is currently a grad student in the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media Program. Read more about Heather’s running accomplishments and aspirations in our “Faces of Gametiime” post.


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