Pictures from the Seafair Torchlight Run!

Here are our featured pictures from the Michelob ULTRA Seafair Torchlight Run in Seattle!

It was a hot and hilly race, but we had a blast! It’s great to run as a kickoff to the Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade. It makes for a very festive run. The start of the race is lined with people (mostly excited kids) giving a foray of high fives and the end is, well… a parade!

See the full album here.

2013-07-27T22-01-22_6 2013-07-27T22-01-23_13 2013-07-27T22-01-23_15 2013-07-27T22-01-23_17 2013-07-27T22-01-22_8

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6 thoughts on “Pictures from the Seafair Torchlight Run!

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