Pavement Runner launches Mush Magazine, featuring a collection of photos from #BostonStrong

Mush - Issue 1 Page 1We received an email this morning from whom many simply know as @PavementRunner, via his wide-reaching social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (amongst others). In the email, @PavementRunner announced the launch of Mush Magazine, “a digital magazine… about running, fitness, yoga, cross training, healthy eating, and many other things.”

The center piece of Issue #1? A digital collectiion of photos from the #BostonStrong movement.

For those not familiar, 20,000 other members of the running community, including us, ran in one of over 100 group runs of solidarity around the world — one week from the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. It was truly a memorable and moving experience to pay our respects and show strength for those that were affected by the tragedy on April 15th. And, as it was @PavementRunner who spearheaded the movement, — impressively uniting communities of runners from Little Rock, Arkansas to Naga City, Philippines — it was only appropriate that a full compilation of the stories and memories from #BostonStrong came from him. Needless to say, we were really excited to see it.

Mush - Issue 1 Page 25

And, he didn’t disappoint.

As we flipped through the 44 pages, viewing the beautiful pictures and reading the powerful quotes of those who participated across the US and internationally, we reflected back on the experience we shared with hundreds of runners at Green Lake Park. It was one we’ll never forget.

To our surprise, upon coming to page 39 — the page highlighting pictures of the #BostonStrong in Seattle and Spokane — we found the pictures and a quote (see below) from Gametiime co-founders, Jon Tam and Don Le.

We did as much as we could to help raise awareness of #BostonStrong throughout Washington State and it resulted in 10 group runs through out the state on April 22nd.

As Jon mentioned, “It was truly humbling and inspring to be able to help rally the running community of Boston Strong Seattle and other group runs through Washington State” and it will be a day we will always remember.

Thank you to @PavementRunner for including us in the collection, letting us be a part of this experience, and being an amazing contributor to the running community. It’s truly appreciated.

The strength of the running community, no matter the circumstances, will never falter. #BostonStrong was living proof.

Must - Issue 1 Page 38

Participate in a #BostonStrong group run? Drop us a quick comment! We’d love to hear your thoughts about your experience.

Click here or any of the pictures above to download the full version of Mush Magazine: Issue 1.

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