Coaches Corner: An interview with Seattle running coach, Beth Baker (Running Evolution)

Coach: Beth Baker, Founder & Chief Running Officer
Program Name: Running EvolutionYears Coaching: 7
Focus Areas: couch to 5K, beginner runners, leisure distance runners
Coaching Locations: Green Lake (Seattle), Bellevue and virtual C25K in fall 2013

Today we got the chance to interview the Founder & Chief Running Officer at Running Evolution, Beth Baker, to learn more about what makes Running Evolution’s Seattle and Bellevue running classes fun, unique, and an awesome option for anyone that’s looking to run their first 5K or get away for some enjoyable social time while getting in some miles.

Read more about Running Evolution from Founder, Beth Baker, below!
(… a little alliteration there for ya.)

Can you tell us a little about your run coaching program? Running Evolution is the ‘real people running’ program. We coach anywhere from new newbies (couch to 5K) to marathoners, but not those crazy fast people. We can’t seem to catch them.

How did you get into coaching and how long have you been at it? I HATED running when I first started, and was terrible at it. But after getting the proper tools, and a mountain of stubbornness, I did a 5K after a year. I knew there was a better way. After numerous 5K, halves and a few marathons, and buckets of endorphins, I fell in love with running, and the community. My friends started asking, like they were asking if I knew where to buy drugs. “so, I hear that you coach people how to run” they would say shyly. I started Running Evolution 8 years ago and then got started coaching groups 7 years ago. I pinch myself that I make a living at this.

Where and when do you coach? I coach in the hub of Seattle known as Green Lake. We’ll have classes in the fall in Bellevue. We’ll also have a virtual couch to 5K, that people can listen to me as they get to their first 5K.

0051BethDo you focus on a specific level of runners? I love me my newbies. They are all nervous and excited. And they get such a kick out of the couch to 5K program — four weeks and we get people to do a 5K. It’s very rewarding for all involved.

What makes your approach to coaching unique? I am not an athlete, I am a runner. I run to socialize, see the world, listen to music, and drink beer after. And I clearly remember the first time I did my first 2 miles without stopping. It’s a big deal. And it’s a big deal for my runners, and I love that. We also make it fun and in a group setting. Everyone is there to learn to run or train for something that they have never done before. No egos, just running.

If someone was to take a class of yours, what can they expect? The couch to 5K class is the “gateway” drug of running. A typical class, we do introductions, go over something that as a new runner you’ll need to know, i.e. nutrition, what to wear, and safety. And then, we head out at a very slow pace. It’s social, so I like for people to chat.

In your opinion, what is the best thing a runner can get from your program that they wouldn’t otherwise get? Permission to go slow, and LIKE running, so you can do it longer and not beat yourself up afterwards. Tools, structure, accountability and well, I am pretty funny, so there is a lot of laughing.

What are some of your personal favorite races? OOh. My favorite marathon is the Portland Marthon and North Olympic Discovery Marathon. Half favorite is the BMO Vancouver Marathon in Vancouver, BC. And hands down, relay races like Ragnar are where it’s at for me.

Anything else you would like to share with the Gametiime community? Keep running! If you are losing motivation, get your friends and family involved. Sign up for a race together and TELL EVERYONE you are going to do it. And don’t worry about your time, go for the experience and the fun.

Want to learn more about Running Evolution? You can find it at the Running Evolution website, Facebook, Twitter and the Running Evolution Blog.

We also found this great video about Running Evolution. Check it out!

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