Introducing: Triathlon race lengths

lakestevenstriCalling all triathletes! You’ve asked and we’ve delivered.

Now, you can find your perfect triathlon on Gametiime based on your preferred race distance — super sprint, sprint, Olympic, long (half Ironman), or endurance (full Ironman).*

Whether you like to mix it up or always have a specific race length in mind, Gametiime has a wide variety of events in Washington to choose from.

You can quickly browse tags on our listings page or filter by only those race lengths you’d love to do.

Check it out on Gametiime and let us know if you have any feedback!


* Triathlon race lengths on Gametiime are determined in accordance with USAT race length definitions:


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7 thoughts on “Introducing: Triathlon race lengths

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  3. You might want to add the Series 33 Triathlons to your up and coming events page. None of his events appear to be in Blue Lake (Thank goodness), and he has done several free course previews for the West Linn race already, and I’m sure he will for the Klineline Pond one too. The Directors Name Is Ken McLarty, I do not work for him and only met him about a month ago, so I am not recommending his races for any sort of gain other than hopping someone that puts Tri’s on in Portland is successful with other venue options beside Blue Lake!

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