Faces of Gametiime: Auburn runner, Ryan Anke, breaks 50 race mark & sets out to conquer speed goals

IMG_2587 We’ve heard so much great feedback from you about our Faces of Gametiime posts that we figured, “We better keep ’em comin’!”

Today, we were able to connect with Ryan Anke, a local runner out of Auburn, WA that absolutely loves the running race life. Without prior race experience before the summer of 2008, Ryan has since completed over 50 races in the past 5 years, from 5Ks to 10Ks to (recently) his first full marathon. And, he has big plans to run many more — and run them faster at that.

Read more about Ryan’s running life below.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into running? I started running in summer of 2008. I would always watch the Michelob ULTRA Seafair Torchlight Run on TV and said, “I want to do that some day.” Also, my brother, Jeff Anke Jr., is a runner and I saw how he was running in races and how much fun they looked, so I decided to start running myself. I registered for my first run, the Seafair Torchlight Run in July of 2008 and, after completing that race, I wanted to do another. Now, here I am — 54 races completed and still running.

Race Photo 1What races have you run in the past? I’ve run a lot of races in the past but some of my favorite ones would have to be Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & Half Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon, Top Pot Doughnut Dash 5K, Alki Beach Run 5K, and the St. Patrick’s Day Dash.

For a full list of all races I’ve done, you can check out my profile on Athlinks.

Do you have any future race goals? If so, what are they? My future race goals are to run a marathon in four hours even, run a 5k under 20 minutes, and run a half marathon in one hour and 40 minutes. As far as goals, my future goal is to run the Walt Disney World Marathon.

What was your favorite race and why? As mentioned, it has to be the Seafair Torchlight Run in July 26, 2008. I will never forget running my first race and how little of training I had. I went out on the day of the race after having bought new pair of running shoe and didn’t even realize you have to break them in. I learned a lot from running that race.

Most funniest race experience? My funniest race moment was from the Mustache Dache 5K. I had a fake stick-on mustache and, halfway through the race, it started to peel off. It was hanging crooked the rest of the race and it was so funny to see a lot of people running with their fake mustaches on as well.

Any advice for someone who thinks they could never run a marathon? Don’t say you can’t complete something you’ve never done. You have to set a goal and put your mind to it. During training, amp up your running mileage and run at a comfortable pace. Here is a saying I always try to remember, “Winning doesn’t always mean getting first place; it means getting the best out of yourself.”

What’s your favorite running gear? My favorite gear would have to be this shoe pouch I put on my running shoes. It holds my car keys, ID, and money. I never have to worry about my keys and ID falling out of my pockets during a race. It was the best $5 investment I ever made.

And, on your feet? Asics GEL-Kayano 19. I always run in Asics. Every pair of running shoes I’ve owned has been Asics. I’ve tried on other brands, but Asics is most comfortable on my feet.

549197_484644261583788_76173800_nWhat motivates you when you don’t feel like training? I’m usually always motivated to go running, but when I’m not, I tell myself that I have a race coming up and I need to train for it in order to get the results I would like to see. Gametiime is where I find my races and I keep track of the ones I’m registered for with their lists feature.

If you could run any race, anywhere in the world, what would it be? It would be the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Anything else you would like to share with the Gametiime community? I’ve started a running group here in Auburn. It’s called Team Ryan Running and we meet every Saturday at 9am. Locations are announced on my Facebook Athlete Page. Hope to see some of you there in the future!

Want to meet Ryan? Feel free to connect with him via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

Do you know an interesting runner or triathlete you think we should highlight in Faces of Gametiime? Send an email to info@gametiime.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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