Ten great tips on how to start running consistently

Beat-the-Bridge-Race-012Heather Koski, Guest Contributor (Seattle, WA) – Maybe you’re a recreational runner who runs when the conditions are “right” or you’re mildly interested in running, but don’t know how to begin. Maybe you’re a seasonal runner who runs when the weather warms up or a race enthusiast who enjoys competing on the weekends.

Anybody who identifies with these descriptions or any other running types would likely agree that running more consistently is on their list of things to improve.

Consider these 10 tips to start running more consistently and ultimately improve your running regime.

1. Make time to run. It’s a no-brainer tip, but often overlooked and replaced with “fitting it in” when your schedule allows. If you want to run more consistently, you have to make a conscious effort to actually do it on a regular basis.

2. Create a schedule. Once you determine the best time to run based on life’s responsibilities and obligations, make a schedule that outlines your runs based on distance, location and goals.

3. Start small. Don’t begin running too ambitiously; you don’t want to burn out before you even establish your consistency. Begin running one or two miles at an easy pace a few times a week before increasing your speed and distance.

4. Mix it up. Change your routes, pace and runs on a regular basis. Nothing kills running motivation and consistency quicker than a bored runner. Switch your routine around to maximize interest!

5. Warm up and cool down. Consistency in warm-up stretches and cool-down exercises will help improve consistency in your running routine. The more established your entire routine is, the more consistently you will run.

6. Wear the right pair of shoes. Everybody has a different stride and strike when they run; figure yours out and what type of shoe works best for your running style and preferred terrain. A good pair of shoes can make a world of difference for running consistency!

7. Run with a group. Running with friends or a running club is a great addition to one’s running schedule. Try to meet with others once a week to establish consistency in your running routine and meet new people in the community.

8. Music, baby. Sometimes all you need is a little musical inspiration to really get going. Create different playlists for different routes and like your routes, mix it up!

9. Reward incentives. It’s human nature to reward hard work and good behavior. Increase running consistency with small incentives like a hot coffee or cold beer after your run. New running attire is also a compelling reason to run more consistently!

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.59.09 PM10. Effort = results. Conscious effort and consistency will ultimately produce desirable results, which in turn will probably induce more running. The more you put in, the more you get out!

Bonus: 11. Set a goal. Check out Gametiime to find out what races are coming up in your area and register for a goal race(s). As mentioned recently in Competitor Magazine, tune-up races are a great way to keep you striving toward accomplishing that next running milestone.

Anything you think should also be added to this list?

heather_koski_300x300Heather Koski | Guest Contributor | Originally from Colorado and now living in Seattle, Heather is a member of the Richmond Beach Running Club and Born to Run Running Club. She has run over 100 races, ranging in distance from 5K to half marathon. Heather is currently a grad student in the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media Program. Read more about Heather’s running accomplishments and aspirations in ourFaces of Gametiime” post.


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