Introducing: Add races to Wish List and Registered List

Save race to a list 2We just added a new feature that allows you to add races to a list.

Over the past couple of months, we have received a lot of great feedback about the presentation and functionality of our race directory. You’ve told us you love the visual layout, the overall speed of the site, and the ease in which you can find a race based on where, when, and what you want to run.

Now, as you discover races via Gametiime, you can save the ones you especially love to one of two lists: your Wish List and your Registered List.

Saving a race to a list

By hovering over and clicking on the blue button that appears for each race (see above), you will be allowed to ‘Save this race to a list’ (see below). It is here that you can add a race to your Wish List or Registered List, as well as add notes about the race.

Save race to a list

How do you get to your lists?

Select listIt easy. Once you have saved races to your lists, simply go to the Gametiime page header and (next to your name) click a list to view.

What’s the difference between your Wish List and Registered List?

Your Wish List – This is a list of races you want to do but for which you have yet to register. Want a few examples?

  • Goal races that you aspire to do.
  • Races for which you are close to registering but are still waiting on friends to RSVP.
  • Interesting races in a certain date range (e.g. based on your training progress).


Your Registered List – You’re in. These are races you have registered for and know you will be running.


Note: Races can be moved from one list to another at any point via the ‘Edit’ link.

What are some ideas for notes to write about a race?

We have given you the ability to write anything you’d like about races you have saved, so the possibilities are virtually limitless. That said, here are a few ideas we’ve come up with that you might find helpful in keeping track of races you want to do or have signed up for:

  • General thoughts about a race, like “I can’t wait for this race to happen!” or “I set my personal record at this race last year and I will crush it this year.”
  • Links to various info about a race, stored all in one easy-to-find place.
  • A list of people with whom you will be running or you have invited to run with you.
  • Meeting locations pre- and post-race. Brunch anyone?
  • A goal time to keep you motivated and pushing hard with your training.


Can you go back and modify your Wish List or Registered List?

Absolutely. We have given you the power to change anything you write about past and future races in your lists by clicking the ‘Edit’ link in the upper-right-hand corner of each race in your lists. You can record your race results, capture some quick post-race thoughts, add a link to your blog race report, and much more.

You can even head back to your lists and register for one or multiple races via our ‘Register at Event Website’ buttons.


This was a frequent ask by many of you, so we look forward to seeing how you put it to use.

There is no limit to the number of races you can add to your lists so have fun with it, save plenty of races, and enjoy Gametiime’s newest feature!

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