Event recap: Running Tech Talk presented by Born to Run and Gametiime (4/27/13)

A couple weekends ago, we teamed up with Born to Run to co-host a Running Tech Talk, which included an intro to Gametiime and some of the newest in minimalist footwear, a 5K run, and food, drinks, and prizes back at their store. It was a great event and we snapped a few pictures for all of you to see.

You can find more pictures on our Facebook page. See you at our next event!


Born to Run is a locally-owned minimalist running specialty store located in South Lake Union at 213 Yale Ave N, across the street from REI.


Gametime Co-Founder, Jon Tam, kicks off the Running Tech Talk with an overview of what makes Gametime the best place to find your next running race.


Born to Run President and CEO, Josh Heckathorn and Dan Fairbanks, talk about what makes up a minimalist shoe and what it means to a runner and his or her running form.


Customers check out the latest and greatest in minimalist footwear at Born to Run after returning from the run around South Lake Union and enjoying some food and drinks.


Lucky attendees took home prize bags, including: a water bottle, socks, nutrition drink mix, and Gametiime t-shirts!!

Thanks again to Honest Tea and former PowerBar Ambassador, Wes Lashley, for their donations to this event!

Honest Stacked Logothumbs

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