A list to help you find a Boston Marathon tribute run in Washington

boston_hashtags*** Last updated: 4/21/13 ***

Added: Boston Strong Anacortes, Bellingham, Monroe, and Oak Harbor

The running community is a strong.

What happened on April 15th, 2013 will not hold back the strength of its members and, in memory of those at the 117th Boston Marathon, a movement has begun…

BOSTON STRONG on 4/22/13 — one week from the day, one community that will always finish strong.

We, along with many other local runners and organizations, are setting group runs across the country. Washington has several and, in addition to the group run we will be at (Greenlake Park at 6:15pm), we’ve put together a list to help you find a group run close by to you.

Date Neighborhood (City) Meeting Point Time FB Invite
4/22/13 Greenlake (Seattle) Super Jock ‘n’ Jill * 6:15pm Link
4/22/13 Anacortes Tommy Thompson Trail 6:00pm Link
4/22/13 Lake Padden (Bellingham) Superfeet 6:00am Link
4/22/13 Capitol Hill (Seattle) Fleet Feet Sports Seattle 6:00pm Link
4/22/13 McCormick Park (Duvall) Run Duvall 5K (start line) 6:00pm Link
4/22/13 Monroe Lake Tye Park 6:00pm Link
4/22/13 Oak Harbor (Seattle) Windjammer Park 9:15am Link
4/22/13 Sammamish Plateau Runner 6:30pm Link
4/22/13 Spokane Runners Soul 6:30pm TBA
4/22/13 West Seattle West Seattle Runner 6:00pm Link

* Gametiime will be at this event on 4/22.

Organizing a Boston Marathon tribute run in Washington? Let us know and we will add it to the list.

Check back from time to time. We’ll be adding more as we catch wind of them.

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6 thoughts on “A list to help you find a Boston Marathon tribute run in Washington

  1. Thanks for putting this list together. Our group had over 100 people and we raised about $200 for onefundboston.org.
    We had a great run and everyone really enjoyed having an outlet for the events for last week.
    We posted a couple of pics to our Facebook page and the West seattle Blog came out and covered the event.

    Thanks again.
    Tim and Lori
    West Seattle Runner


    • Thanks to you, Tim. That really means a lot. We are so happy to be able to help with this and it was truly a special day today.

      Thanks for passing along the link for the pictures of #BostonStrongWestSeattle!

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