What’s your ideal running weather? Here’s what you said.

Yesterday, we asked the question: “What are your ideal weather conditions to run a race?”

We got a lot of great responses, so we thought we’d consolidate them so you can see what others in the Gametiime community had to say about the perfect race weather.

Here’s the list of responses. Feel free to comment below if you’d like to chime in!

Photo (right) source: Runner’s World

Via Facebook:

Lonnie St John – Damp out, but not raining. Temp depends on distance, but 40-45 is a nice range. Longer the race the cooler I prefer.
Phong Nguyen – Overcast. 50s. Maybe even a sprinkle here and there.
  Jeannie Gilbert – Overcast and 50s to 60s
  Lance Eggers – Get some good rain gear and run/walk in the rain all the time. I don’t care so much on the temps.
  Mom vs. Marathon – Cloud cover, maybe a teeny bit of mist.
  Scott Zaffram – All of the above. I don’t like it over 65* and I don’t like it under 45*.
  Fiona Van Alstyne – Cold and sunny. Mid 30s-low 40s. Like rain too unless it means a mudbath on the trail
  Michael Arau – Sixties, sunny and breezy.

Via Twitter:

Ryan Anke
Ryan Anke ‏(@RyanAnke) – @gogametiime Being that I’ve ran in rain, snow, sunshine, low 20’s to high 70’s. I’d say upper 50’s to low 60’s is ideal temp!!
 Runner Robyn
Runner Robyn (@RunnerRobyn) – @gogametiime 50s. Sunny or overcast, not raining or windy. I still blame crazy winds for changing my gait during one race – lost 3 toenails!
 Rebecca Rebecca (@rebeccaontherun) – @gogametiime Sunny but brisk, in the 50s or 60s. No rain or wind.
 Heather Koski
Heather Koski (@KlatEditor) – @gogametiime Sunny, but slightly brisk. Sunshine can truly make any race better! ☀

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3 thoughts on “What’s your ideal running weather? Here’s what you said.

      • It’s great!
        Once running I find it really refreshing with rain, I don’t even care if I’m getting soaked – until I stop running.. But at that time at least there’s usually a warm shower around the corner :)

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