Who else wants a list of ALL the color runs?

*** 5/12/14 — We’ve updated our list of color runs for 2014. Find it here! ***

Source: The Color Run

There are color runs popping up everywhere — even internationally! We put together a list of all the color runs in the world and there are tons. Some are run by event organizations that specialize in putting on color runs around the country, while others are color run-themed races put on by local organizations.

Take a look for yourself!

National Color Runs (i.e. hosted in more than one city):  543!! (as of 7/30/13)

5K Tailgate – hosted in 5 cities http://www.5ktailgate.com *
Blacklight Run – hosted in 4 cities http://www.blacklightrun.com
Color Blaze 5K – hosted in 4 cities http://www.colorblaze5K.com
Color Fun Fest – hosted in 32 cities http://www.colorfunfest.com *
Color Mania 5K – hosted in 14 cities http://www.colormania5k.com
Color Me Loco – hosted in 8 cities http://www.colormeloco.com *
Color Me Rad 5K – hosted in 103 cities http://www.colormerad.com *
Color Mob 5K – hosted in 6 cities http://www.colormob5k.com
Color in Motion 5K – hosted in 20 cities http://www.colorinmotion5k.com *
Color Up 5K – hosted in 5 cities http://colorup5k.com
Gnarly Neon 5K – hosted in 5 cities http://gnarlyneon5k.com
Neon Splash Dash – hosted in 17 cities http://www.neonsplashdash.com
Run or Dye – hosted in 88 cities http://www.runordye.com *
The Color Run – hosted in 89 cities http://www.thecolorrun.com *
The Color Vibe – hosted in 86 cities http://www.thecolorvibe.com *
The Graffiti Run – hosted in 19 cities http://www.thegraffitirun.com
The Glow Run 5K – hosted in 20 cities http://www.glowrun5k.com
USA Freedom Run 5K – hosted in 8 cities http://usafreedomrun.com *

* For our Washingtonians, this denotes the race is hosted in a city in Washington State.

Source: thecolorrun.com

Source: thecolorrun.com

Local Color Runs (i.e. hosted in one city only):  13 (as of 8/26/13)

Brighter Futures Run (Olympia, WA) http://www.brighterfuturesrun.com *
Burst of Color Run (Rosemary, AL) http://www.burstofcolorrun.com
Color Blast Run (Lake Tahoe, CA) http://www.colorblastrun.com/
Color Run for Wellspring (Norcross, GA) http://wellspringinternational.org/mywellspring/color-run-for-wellspring
CES Color Splash 5K & 10K (Coupeville, WA) https://www.facebook.com/CESColorSpashRun *
Color Rush 5K (West LaFayette, IN) http://www.colorrush5k.com
FIU Color Run (North Miami, FL) http://fiutriathlon.com/color
International Children’s Games – 5k Color Splash (Florence, SC) http://goo.gl/rYZ7D
Jubilee Run Walk Drag with COLOR
(Pensacola, FL)
The Color Run 5K
(Rochester, NY)
Run with Color (Corvallis, OR) http://www.runwithcolor.net/run-with-color.html
The Color Quads 5K Run
(Bettendorf, IA)
Wash Me Pink: A Komen Color Run
(Dalton, GA)

International Color Runs (i.e. hosted outside of the US):  50 (as of 5/16/13)

Color Manila Nite Run (Philippines) http://www.proactive.ph/colormanilaniterun/
Color Vibe (Australia and New Zealand) – hosted in 8 cities http://www.thecolorvibe.com
Color Vibe (Canada) – hosted in 34 cities http://www.thecolorvibe.com
Color Vibe (UK) – hosted in 6 cities http://www.thecolorvibe.com
Festival of Colors Run (Singapore) http://www.festivalofcolorsrun.com/

Did we miss any? If so, drop us a comment and we’ll add it to the list!

Bonus: Everyone loves the amazing pictures from a color run. Here is a compilation of bright and beautiful shots we took at Color Me Rad. Enjoy!


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