Come run with Gametiime!

See us at your last race?

Whether we are running with you or simply making a fly-by to support you at your next race, we’ll definitely be out and about this spring.

Planning to run a race soon? Drop us a comment and let us know. Maybe we’ll come and join you!

Over the past weekend, we got the opportunity we run with one of our biggest Gametiime supporters, Lena. We ran the f5 St. Patrick’s Day Dash at the Seattle Center and it was a blast. Lena wrote up a great race recap on her blog.

Here’s an excerpt to her post and a link to her original post at The Beginners Runner.

Race Recap: St. Pat’s Day Dash

I wasn’t going to race this past weekend.  I wasn’t going to get involved in any runs in the area around here, and there were quite a few being talked about.  Though as the week went on and friends were tweeting and Facebooking about the races they were going to run during St. Patty’s weekend, the more I started to rethink my decision.

Then I got a Twitter message.

An invitation to run with the co-founders of a local website, Gametiime.  It is a new site that is designed to be your “go-to” search engine for races.  Right now they are testing their beta site and the listings are only for Washington state races (sorry rest of the nation).  But I have seen and tested their beta site and all I have to say is THANK YOU! I can not wait for this site to be released because it has so many great features and the ease of use is fantastic.

Thanks for the great feedback about our site, Lena; we’re glad you like it! And, congrats again on your PR!

And, to make matters better, we also ran with or saw several other people we knew this weekend and the past couple. Shout outs to: Griffin, Adria, Dylan, Heidi, Anthony, Ai, Brian, Diana, Heather, Thuy,  Eugene, and the awesome crew at the Buckley’s post-chocolate brunch!!

(Think that’s everyone… so far. :))

We hope to see the rest of you at your next race!


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