Nike and TechStars Partner to Launch Startup Accelerator

We couldn’t be happier to hear that Nike has teamed up with TechStars to form the Nike+ Accelerator program.

Following a competitive application process, 10 teams will be invited to work on their respective startup ventures under the mentorship of some of the brightest minds in sports and tech startups, including: Stefan Olander (VP of Digital Sport at Nike), David Cohen, (Founder and CEO of TechStars), Naveen Selvadurai (Co-Founder of Foursquare) and Tim Ferriss (author of “The Four-Hour Workweek” and many other successful books).

The 10-week program will take place in Portland, OR, in the shadow of Nike World Headquarters in nearby Beaverton. Teams will receive a $20,000 initial investment in exchange for a 6% stake in equity and participation in the program. At its conclusion, all program participants will take part in a demo day, presenting their work to potential investors in hopes of landing additional rounds of funding to furthur pursue their ventures.

We have always been huge fans of Nike and to see them aligning closely with a startup incubator program like TechStars is phenomenal. We can’t wait to see the technology and innovation that comes out of this program. Here are a couple links to more information:



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