Pursuing your dreams is tough…

I had a friend call me last night. I hadn’t heard from him in quite some time, but he wanted to bounce something off of me that was weighing on his mind. It was a new job opportunity. And, it was a pay cut. I spoke to him about the existing factors and, as I asked him more contextual questions, I found myself hearing what I figured I would.

He already knew the answer. And that answer, though risky, did not come down to life and death. It came down to pursuing his dream and doing what he felt others would deem acceptable.

It reflected a sentiment to which I often return; we are taught to fear. We are also taught what should be done. That is, take the path of least resistance. Don’t put yourself in a risky situation at the expense of safer alternatives. Look to what others have done and follow the words of the “wisest”. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

We all know how success is supposed to look.

I certainly agree that life is made up of some big decisions, whereby, we as individuals need to make the sensible choice. Granted. But I find myself reminded, time and again, of what I wholeheartedly believe. Those choices ultimately should not be made by anyone else but one’s own self. For you, and you alone, know who you truly want to become. Therein lies the crossroads between what others believe you should be as opposed to what your dreams depict. While they may or may not be similar, those two things will never be exactly the same. And, for that reason, pursuing your dreams is always tough.

I chose to pursue my dreams.

I quit my perfectly-good job earlier this year. I started Tenacity Sports, a piece of the picture of who I truly want to become. And, it’s been tough. It’s walking the unbeaten path when many others are walking the one more traveled. When asked (even by those closest to me) why I’ve chosen such a journey for myself, the only true reason I can express is simply, “To get there”.

“There” is that place that only I know in my mind. It is fundamentally inexplicable and undefined, but it is the underlying hope that drives me to wake each day, face the critics, challenges, and uncertainty that lie before me, and attack it with everything I have. “There” is that place I will land, ever so luckily or magically in the eyes of others – knowingly, to me, that it wasn’t quite so coincidental.

It’s taking steps backward to move forward. It’s delayed gratification and contrary to popular belief. It’s lonely, trying, and often misunderstood. And, as much as it might not make sense in the eyes of many, it makes absolute sense in mine. The answer is simply, “To get there”.

I will. Don and I (and anyone else that joins us in building Gametiime in the future) will. And to my friend, I believe the same will bode true for you as well – as long as you attack it with everything you have.


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