I love what I do, every single day…

Just another one of my random thoughts: I am humbled, grateful, and invigorated by the thought of what I am doing today and every day. Having the opportunity to work on something like Tenacity Sports, and now Gametiime specifically, is truly a blessing and something that I appreciate dearly.

When I step back and think about it, what lies at the core of Gametiime is something that has the opportunity to do so many great things: (1) bring awareness to causes like cancer that are behind many of the events we will feature on our site in the future, (2) bring people together to share in relationship-building and life-enhancing experiences like marathons, team sports, and kids activities, (3) serve as a motivator for people to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and much more.

To my friends and family, new and old, that give their hands in helping us to build this from the ground up, whether that’s by passing along our name, spreading the word about us in the news, or simply rooting us on with some good “vibes”, thank you so much.

It has always been my dream to build something that positively impacts the world in the best way I know how. Here’s to giving my best effort…

– Jon Tam


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