So how are Tenacity Sports and Gametiime associated?

Another great question by one of our Facebook followers, Phong Nguyen. Here is our answer:

Tenacity Sports is our company. We will continue to operate (legally) under that name, much like Instagram operated under the company name Burbn before the Facebook acquisition. (New fun fact for you?)

To start, Tenacity Sports began as an event management company. We ran leagues and tournaments with broader plans to use technology to build a stronger, more cohesive community around our events. We planned to introduce concepts like gamification and holistic statistics that are innovative in today’s rec sports world. We’d then platform this technology to other rec sports organizations and, perhaps, even other use cases in the events world.

Now, we have pivoted. Given the opportunity we see, our sole focus is on developing the best possible website for discovery of sports activities that we can build at We will no longer run our own events through Tenacity Sports, but it will remain in our DNA. We have learned so much from that experience with regards to what sports mean to us as a society, the determinants of running a successful event management company, and many other things. These make up the foundation of Gametiime.

In the end, Tenacity Sports is our company and Gametiime is our product.

Our mission remains the same: To give people a platform for socially-engaging experiences through sports.



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